Friday, November 16, 2012

Episode 2 - Why Couples Swing?

In this episode we share some recent experiences at a hot and sexy Swingers' Halloween party. The main topic of the show is "Why Couples Swing". We delve into self-reflection to determine that you want non-monogamous experiences, acting out fantasies and bringing up your swinging desires with your spouse. This episode also includes some Sexy News with updates about L.A.'s Measure B, a man gets arrested for having sex with a woman in his mind and cinnamon as a sexual stimulant. Our Hot Scenes recommendation is a steamy threesome in American Psycho. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Episode 1 - What is Swinging?

Swinging Around - Episode 1

We've finally finished after a long, sweaty night! In this episode we discuss what Swingin' Around is all about, including some sexy background on your hosts, Kal and JB. Listen as we discuss our definition of swinging and the evolution of this term as we went from being "vanilla" to being full fledged members of "the Lifestyle". We also discuss the swinging comfort level spectrum, bisexuality in swinging and briefly mention how to get started in the lifestyle. This episode also includes our Sexy News and Hot Scenes segments.

Swingin' Around Episode 1 

Stay sexy, stay swinging ; )