Saturday, December 21, 2013

Episode 30 - Sexmas

Episode 30- Sexmas - Kal and JB spend the first half of the episode talking about their swapping at a recent swinger party. They also spend some time talking about some useful features of, their trip to Desire planned for Nov. 2014 and the lack of effort by swinger men to wear sexy after-party clothing. The second half of the episode centers around swinging in the holidays. Kal and JB discuss different wintery, sexy atmospheres, fun Christmas music and holiday themed cocktails.

Stay sexy and stay swingin'

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 29 - Swinging Faux Pas

Episode 29 - Kal and JB start the episode off talking about their recent decision to allow a Hall Pass while on a business trip. The main show topic covers Lifestyle faux pas - socially awkward or tactless acts that violate Lifestyle social norms. JB and Kal discuss some of their own faux pas and some perceived faux pas that they have experienced directly and indirectly. Are you or anyone you know guilty of some of these? Listen to find out! The show also includes some Sexy News and a round of Marry, Fuck, Blow.

Stay sexy and stay swingin'