Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 29 - Swinging Faux Pas

Episode 29 - Kal and JB start the episode off talking about their recent decision to allow a Hall Pass while on a business trip. The main show topic covers Lifestyle faux pas - socially awkward or tactless acts that violate Lifestyle social norms. JB and Kal discuss some of their own faux pas and some perceived faux pas that they have experienced directly and indirectly. Are you or anyone you know guilty of some of these? Listen to find out! The show also includes some Sexy News and a round of Marry, Fuck, Blow.

Stay sexy and stay swingin'


  1. Great advice regarding not to ask "why" when a couple is not interested. Also, thanks for promoting the idea that couples should make an effort to reply to legitimate messages. I've often been bothered by the couples that just don't reply, and this is when I was not doing any "fingers crossed" messaging.

    One Faux Pas, or two, that I wish did not exist is that of the "hairy crack". I have a bit of fetish for women having a bush or being all natural, but since some swingers say it is a faux pas, bushes are all too rare. The other is that I actually enjoy the smell of a musky strong scented pussy and ass on a female. It is all to rare to encounter natural feminine scent these days. Now, I'm not talking about the rank smell of a bad bacterial imbalance, but the strong smell of a pussy that has hair on it, has been sweaty in the last day or two, and is aroused. Personally, it goes together so well with sex. To me it is like the smell of food when I sit down to a delicious meal. It really ads to the experience for me.

    Thankfully, hipsters and modern day hippies are bringing back the bush to some extent. Just as a reference, I'm 34.