Monday, February 25, 2013

Episode 9 - Reviews of Swing and Sex is Fun

We start this episode off with a discussion of the Detroit Dirty Show and the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The main episode is a review of the Playboy TV hot show about the lifestyle, Swing. We give the sexy scoop on our favorite show to hump to. Then we discuss the informational graphic nonfiction book "Sex is Fun" by Kidder Kaper, formerly on the Sex is Fun podcast. Check out Swingin Around episode 9 for some great media to spice up your bedroom.
Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin

Here are links to some of this episode's topics:

Detroit Dirty Show:

Sex is Fun on Amazon:

Playboy TV's Swing:

Swing - Now Casting


  1. Which truth or dare game is it? The Android store has hundreds which show up from the search, and unless I missed it, you never named the game's creator in the podcast.

    1. The app is by a company called xxxtruthordare. I believe it is on both Android and Apple but I`m not sure if that has changed since we recorded this episode. Check out their website at We will be having a giveaway of their board game in an upcoming episode.

      Stay sexy,