Friday, August 30, 2013

Episode 22 - Swingin' Around the Lifestyle Interview #1 John and Shelia

Episode 22 - Swingin' Around presents "Swingin' Around the Lifestyle", a new Swingin' Around show segment where Kal and JB interview real swingers about their experiences. In this segment, Kal and JB interview swingers to get the down and dirty scoop on swingin' in different parts of the country, learn about individual lifestyle experiences and share all types of sexy tales. This episode interviews John and Shelia, a hot, outgoing, sex-perienced couple with lots to say about swinging after years of married monogamy, dabbling in polyamory and sex in a small town.

Email with questions or comments for John and Shelia or to volunteer to be interviewed

Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin'


  1. Interesting episode. John and Sheila were great interview.

  2. Interesting that you would classify a couple who gives swinging a try, but then stop/drop out as 'flaky'...would you classify someone who tried Indian cuisine once but then decided it wasn't for them also as flaky?

    Seems like there's some swinger privilege/arrogance going around...