Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 23 - Styles of Non-monogamy

Episode 23 - Kal and JB start off tackling a listener question, "When (if ever) are you too old to be a Swinger?". Saggy tits and saggy balls are discussed of course. The main topic of the show covers types of non-monogamy from the solo unicorn to Lifestyle couples and polyamorous groups. Kal and JB try to fathom the different types of group sexiness and discuss aspects of each relationship style.

Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin'

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode. It is my first of Swingin' Around to listen to. I think that you two did "do justice" when explaining polyamory. I've been involved in the poly community for 5 years now and dating a married poly woman for that long as well (I'm male). I'd have to say that I consider solo poly to be only someone that agrees that they are seeking polyamory, or are themselves polyamorous. Tristan Taormino's use of the term to describe singles in the dating scene is only usually to point out that much of mainstream human behavior in the dating scene is very similar to poly. Beyond that, I do not feel that it is an accurate descriptor. Kal did make a similar statement when he said that he believed the person should be cognizant of their self-description on being poly, and fully aware of the broader view of their dating pattern.

    As for my own preferences, I miss being involved with swinging couples. I began having threesomes with swingers at the age of 22 and switched to poly (though not exclusively, there's been one casual couple in my life) at the age of 29. Now at 34 I miss swinging a whole lot. If I could magically wave a wand and be in my ideal relationship, it would be one in that I have a female spouse that is interested in swinging, but also allowing some emotional bonds to form with swing partners, some that could be described as admiration and or appreciation. What I'm no longer interested in is me or my primary courting multiple people in a very romantic way, or having over night dates. I'd also prefer to have more same-room sex and few separate adventures every once in a while. This is just the opinion of one 30 somethin' male after having been involved in polyamory for 5 years and having had previous swinging experience. I just have too many hobbies and don't enjoy going on lots of romantic dates and "courting" multiple partners. It is more complicated and a busier life than I hope to live. The personal growth that it has required to overcome most of the jealousy has been very worthwhile though.

    I hope that you two have many many more blissful years of swinging. I do like that you two understand that some unexpected poly situation could form organically, but that you both are not seeking it and don't desire it. It's awesome that you two are going on this wonderful journey together and are on the same page. Swing on!