Saturday, January 18, 2014

Swingin Around Ep 32 - Weight Issues

Swingin Around Episode 32 - Weight Issues

We talk about a recent sex session in the chilly polar vortex. The main topic centers around our struggle with our weight while being in the lifestyle. The episode doesn't "beat around the bush" (hopefully just a proverbial bush ;)) about weight management, staying fit to stay desirable and balancing being a foodie with being healthy. We talk about techniques to stay fit and why its a necessity for active swingers.

Stay Sexy and Stay Swingin


  1. Greetings,
    I really like listening to your podcasts, I like when you have "local" interviews because we are in MI too and it just makes it feel local.. All the other podcasts seem to be out of state, which is not a detractor I like them too, but yours kind of keeps a pulse on our state.

    That being said I have been a listener for a while now and I just wanted to say I had to turn this episode off. I was going to just let it go but the more I thought about it the more I feel the need to say something. I really took offense to Danny/Kal's generalizations about what people do and don't want to see is very un-lifestyle like..

    Everything I've heard or read seems to indicate that the lifestyle is very accepting of all. Those comments seem to be very exclusionary. Heidi did seem to try and reel the conversation in saying that some people like persons overweight.

    We are a bit overweight and just because we are so, doesn't mean we don't care about ourselves and our appearance. Sometimes people cannot lose weight, either because of a physical.medical condition.. Life can also has a way of interfering with desire to work out as well.

    Comments like the ones you made undermine people's self esteem. I've heard on many a podcast including this one that confidence is sexy.. Well when people make comments like that it does nothing help with people's confidence. It takes so little to remove that from someone and so much, you may never know how much to give it back to them.

    You may not find someone attractive and that's fine, but doesn't the golden rule come into play somewhere along the line? I realize that it's your preference and that's ok, but when you generalize for the whole community I think you do it a disservice.

    Thanks for listening to my (seemingly) incoherent ramblings. I just don't think you two want to be that kind of couple, at least from what I've heard on your podcasts so far. Keep up the otherwise good work and I'll continue to listen. :) Thanks again.

  2. HI,

    Thank you for your comments about this episode. We knew when we recorded the episode that it would be a polarizing topic. We have received both positive and negative reception from the listeners about our opinions. You make a very valid point about the link between confidence and sexiness. Let it be known that our intent is never to offend those in the Lifestyle and we certainly do not want to negatively impact anyone's self-esteem and confidence. Perhaps a better way to phrase Danny''s opinion is that we generally prefer to play with people on the slimmer side. That being said, we have played and will continue to play with people of all shapes and sizes. This is because playtime is linked to chemistry and physical attraction. There are certain types we are more attracted to but that doesn't mean that other people "dont have a shot". The Lifestyle is very accepting and we are too. Danny's generalizations about Lifestyle preferences are more linked back to society as a whole having a tendency to prefer a more athletic build but that doesn't mean that one preference is right or wrong, good or bad.

    Thank you for bringing up your points. As we've said before, people do not always agree and we want to hear and portray all sides of a topic.

    Stay sexy,

  3. Hi

    We are a couple from Denmark who likes to listen to your podcasts. We also like Life on the Swingset as and Ending the Sexual Dark age. What we particularly like about your show is the candidness about looks and preference and that we seem to be on the same page on that one. We are a couple who exercise regularly and are fairly good looking, slim and athletic. We are also foodies but has to restrain ourselves to get the partners we want - it's a fair amount of work to stay fit. But it's also a calculation - how can you expect the same level from partners when you are not delivering it yourselves. After listening to this episode, and the listener comment above, it has become clear that there is a taboo about beauty, good looks and weight in the community. We experience the same thing here in Denmark. When we walk in to a club we often end up not finding any guys good-enough looking for her. It's easier for him though. Don't get us wrong - we also require good chemistry and warm-up, as well as good manners and nice flirting to get us going. With the current state of health that both Denmark and USA experience at the moment (half the Danish adult population is medically obese - in America it's far worse) we would be hard-pressed. And here comes the other taboo - it's sometimes directly a turnoff to watch all obese/ugly people copulate. On the other hand it's a turn-on to se healthy and beautiful people get it off. In our dream scenario there would be sorting at the entrance - but that's never going to happen. So we said it - we prefer people with a healthier body as well as more beautiful people. To be honest - We think everybody does -even the obese and ugly would prefer beauty over ugliness and a slim athletic body over an obese one.
    It would be interesting to hear a podcast about the taboos of the lifestyle - the above is one.

    Stay swignin'!

    The Danish Couple

    1. HI Danish Couple,

      We love this comment and thank you for being honest about what you think. As we said in the episode, I think that we are in the majority when we say that we want to see sexy people. I feel like that world is more sensitive than it has to be in the past so its easy to offend people. We don't want to offend listeners but we don't host a podcast to sugar-coat our feelings and cater the masses. If we did, we'd probably have higher listernership, but we'd rather be true to ourselves. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but we plan on discussing your comment in an upcoming episode (we thought it would have happened sooner but just haven't worked it in yet)

      Thanks for listening and giving us your candid feedback!
      Heidi and Danny